Spiritual walk or run?

Scriptural Readings: Luke 22:42, Hebrews 12:1- 3

At this point of time the Lord has got a lot of things for me to accomplish and I have to make this time His time. This is a time of sanctification for you and I. As we follow His instructions for us, we have to do it with no delay. As we accomplish His instructions for us, we become better Christians and useful for God.

As Christians, we all know that when we got born again, we become a new creature in Jesus Christ and the moment we receive the status of co heir with Jesus we have to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no exception and with no reservation.

The fact is as we deal with our lives, whether our spiritual lives or our earthly lives, we always face difficulties. Getting our body soul and spirit one with God’s spirit requires some serious efforts and sometimes a time consuming process.There are times we have to have some painful moments or unacceptable situations just for us to realize we are doing the wrong thing.

This is the time that we have to ask God “Should I slow down or speed up”? Spiritual maturity depends on how we follow God.This is why sometimes we have to walk or sometimes we have to run with regards with our spiritual lives.

Jesus walked slowly towards His death bearing all the pain and shame for us. Some of us right now are carrying our crosses slowly and having this inner feeling of giving up. Jesus was confronted with same thing.He saw exactly what will happen to Him(Luke 22:42). Keep in mind that these things will happen to us. Each and everyone of us who will follow Jesus will have a cross to bear.

Now we are on a race. We are told to run the race with patience. Setting aside all the things that will make it difficult for us. We are asked to look upon our Lord and savior Jesus Christ as an example who saw not the difficulties, pain, shame and all those things that would make it impossible for us to have fellowship with God. This time Jesus saw the joy that would be not only for Him but for all of us who will follow him. We have to install in our minds how He endured these things that we should not get tired and lose the purpose of running this race. The purpose of this race is to carry on this race whether we walk or run and to fix our eyes on Jesus Who is the author and finisher of our faith(Hebrews 12:1- 3).

Yes, there are things that seems to be impossible to accomplish His will and instructions for us but Jesus the author and finisher of our faith will slow us down to let us see what He wants us to see and on the other hand will speed up things for us to accomplish His will to the end.

Heavenly Father, allow us walk and follow the footsteps of your Son Jesus Christ. Let us not get weary and lose the heart to run the race that you have set before us. In the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

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