Acknowledgement and notification

Scriptural Readings: I Corinthians 10:13, James 4:7-8  Notifications. How compelling are they? Have we uncovered its heart? How do we receive notifications? Do we get our messages through traditional methods, like talking face-to-face or sending letters? Or modern means, such as text messages and social media posts? We now live in a world filled with… Continue reading Acknowledgement and notification

To sin or not to sin.

Scriptural Readings:Matthew 13:15, Romans 7:15-20 Sin. What should we ask ourselves with this word? The questions will never end. With so many things to worry about, dealing with wickedness appeared to be another minor thing to consider. We have become so used to sin that we hardly recognize it as a danger to our well-being.… Continue reading To sin or not to sin.

Do not fool yourself.

Scriptural Readings:Ephesians 5:15-18, Psalms 14:1, I Timothy 4:1-2I Peter 1:16. Believing is essential for everyone. Believe it or not, deciding is the most time-consuming part of our lives. We base our decisions on what is true. It is challenging for us to trust specific things easily. It is okay to disagree with what our eyes… Continue reading Do not fool yourself.

Time Will Tell

Scriptural Readings: I Corinthians 9:19, Galatians 5:1, Romans 15:3 Despite what most of humanity assumes, time isn’t what we pay attention to, as it shows and tells in its purest form. It’s not only taking a quick look at a watch or clocks mounted in our homes or jobs, reminding ourselves of what to do… Continue reading Time Will Tell

Obedience And Favor

Scriptural Readings: Genesis 3:9, Matthew 18:20, Matthew 6:6 Can it be that one day our Heavenly Father tells us He needed help? Will this be possible? A Supreme Being whose attributes are omniscient, omnipotent, and infinite might seek sinners of whom we are for support, but why? Isn’t it odd? We now speculate why the… Continue reading Obedience And Favor