It’s difficult…it’s impossible.

Scriptural Readings: Matthew 19:26

We always exert our effort our best if not most of the time at times with all the things that we do. During this time we attach the word difficult maybe at the beginning or at the middle and sometimes we end up concluding it’s impossible.

Life itself is difficult. Rich people whom we think should not be having difficulties in life because of their riches would be probably having difficulties juggling their time how to maintain their riches. Difficult times like health issues, lack of family time and as well as personal time at the end of the day we conclude it’s difficult and sometimes being impossible.

It is a fact that even before we start with all the things that we want to accomplish we always have to put in our minds the difficulties we are facing and just on the planning itself we arrive with impossibilities up to a point that quitting is the best option.

Matthew 19:26

But Jesus beheld [them], and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

In this passage alone we should see that Jesus is the only and entirely the answer to everything. Our way whether we seek for salvation, success and all endeavor will come to naught and to its end without Jesus in the equation. It may seem that we actually have success but only to realize it is only a smaller part of a bigger job and seeing that it is becoming more and more difficult for these undertakings and clearly has become impossible for us to continue.

but with God all things are possible

Having success in all aspects is first that it should and has to be God’s will. Unless we seek God through our Lord Jesus there will be no revelations from Him making things impossible for us to do His will…but with God all things are possible. The Holy Spirit who will reveal things to our mortal bodies will in turn and now allow to be under the control of Him and in no other way but to follow therefore beating the purpose of the flesh. Let us put in our minds that we do not have the capacity to change ourselves but only God through Jesus. God will work for us, inside us. We cannot and it is impossible to do it by ourselves. It seems and becomes difficult and impossible because we have forgotten a time of prayer and full trust in Him. We are overwhelmed with our emotions instead of having a much stronger faith and thinking that our struggles and problems are bigger than our God. Let us not turn our backs from God. He never turned His on ours as a matter of fact He sent His Son to touch us.

Whatever struggles we are having today making it difficult and impossible, we have to surrender it all to Jesus. He is at the right hand of God making intercessions to make things easy and possible for us. It may seem that we are fighting this battle alone, we are gravely, greatly and totally mistaken. It is not our battle. It is His. He is totally in control of our lives. We have to see the truth that at the end of every struggle is victory in Jesus Christ. This is the truth and Jesus is the truth and the truth shall make you free. Alleluia! Amen!

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