Power forever

Scriptural reading I Corinthians 1:18 It seems that for most of us both Christians and non believers, struggle is a form and a way to survive and then again, just a normal thing. To be a Christian is not easy and we have to conform our lives the way Jesus lived and He has been… Continue reading Power forever

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The space between….

Scriptural Reading Matthew 14:22-33. Should there be always a space between ourselves and our faith in God? Lately I have been burdened with having a space between me and my faith in God. It is with difficulty on what, how, who and why I am having this kind of difficulty in my spiritual life. It… Continue reading The space between….

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Spiritual animation

Scriptural reading Matthew 5:14-16 As parents we always make sure that we get our messages get across to our children.One of the quickest and easiest way to enter and join them into their world is through animation. The character, color and the story would definitely perk a child and we can easily access into their… Continue reading Spiritual animation